Canvas Tips and Tricks

Gallery Canvas

18x18 Gallery-Wrapped Canvas

Beautiful Hand-Made Canvases made right in the USA

Because they are lovingly hand-made in all kinds of temperatures, expect the canvas to wrap just a little bit differently every time.

We suggest because of these slight variances that you NOT use borders narrower than 3/4 inch to an inch and that you place text or embellishments about 3/4 inch to an inch away form the canvas edge, unless it is something that you want to bleed all the way off the canvas. This way if the wrap is 1/16 inch one way or the other, it won’t impact your design at all.

If you are making a multiple canvas set, send them all to be printed at the same time. (in the same way you try to buy yarn from the same dye lot) Printing sets one canvas at a time, may otherwise give you slight variations in color.

Our canvas is very forgiving. You can stretch a photo way into the orange, almost to red and it will print beautifully on canvas.

Studio art is the same way. Take a 12×12 paper up to 24×24 and it will print beautifully from Studio, no matter what color your outside border becomes.

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If you do use a 12×12 paper to cover a 24-inch span, DON’T crop it or put a fill or transparency on it. Just let it sit there. Crops or effects on art or photos over 11.99 inches can cause printing problems during production.

There are many background papers in Studio, already and coming soon that look beautiful with NOTHING else on the canvas.

Many of the Studio’s canvas sizes were designed to work together. Put a 8×20 on either side of a 20×20 or use the nine-piece canvas set in the Template Gallery.

For a full-bleed photographic canvas, select a photo with lots of room around the edge of your subject. You’ll need that “extra” space for the canvas wrap.

To access the popular nine-piece canvas collection in our Template Gallery, put the word “group” into the Template Gallery “Search-by_Keyword” search. Twelve templates will come up — the nine original canvases and two alternate center canvases (a bible quote and an inspirational quote if you’d rather use those than the Gordon B. Hinckley quote). This version of the canvas collection uses a matched pattern size across all canvases and has a one-inch border for a more consistent result across all your hand-wrapped canvases.